“Trying to define yourself is like biting your own teeth.” – Alan Watts

You probably came here because you expected to find some information on the author and the nature of this blog here?

Where should I start with this daunting task without making this into an overly boring enumeration?

I currently live in Vienna, Austria ( by choice ).

My interests include ( and are not limited to ) the following, in no particular order. Naturally, professional and personal interests overlap.

  • Information Technology and Software Engineering.
  • Complex Systems and Complex Networks.
  • Arch Linux and Linux in general ( I’m a linux user since 2002. I’m also the maintainer of some AUR packages [link] ).
  • Sports involving speed ( mostly road and mountain cycling ).
  • Technical and philosophical/psychological books in all varieties. I also have a weakness for classical Russian literature.
  • Creative writing ( as a way to relax, mostly in German ).
  • Travelling ( hmm who doesn’t like this? )

Some more trivia:

  • I enjoy discussions, analyzing things, complex and deep ideas.
  • I love to master new skills and try to keep an open mind.

( Exactly the boring enumeration of bullet points I warned you about … )

Thanks for stopping by.

Markus Moser