Awesome Window Manager – Maximization issues

I have been a convinced follower of this tiling window manager [link] for some years, and never ever dream of going back to the messy days of stacking window managers.

Recently, I noticed that some windows start maximized like firefox or chrome ( with a + symbol in the taskbar ), and I’m unable to de-maximize them with conventional keybindings. The ordinary way for toggling maximization ( Mod4 + m ) does not change them in any way, and it results in different flags on the taskbar that indicate vertical and horizontal maximization.

After some fiddling I discovered that at least 3 ways exist to maximize a window and the default keybinding does not deal windows that are just maximized ( and thus different from vertically and horizontally maximized windows ). Here are the taskbar glyphs for each of them.

+ maximized

A simple new keybinding to unset all three maximization flags for a given client can easily solve this when added to rc.lua :

awful.key({ modkey, “Shift” }, “m”,
function (c)
c.maximized = false
end ,
{description = “demaximize”, group = “client”})


Mod4 + shift + m will cut all client windows down to size now


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