Learning a foreign language

One of the advantages of not being a native speaker of this wonderful mess existing under the umbrella term of ‘English language’ is that you will truly appreciate things like the following:

Waterfall is the opposite of firefly.

Seems legit to me.

The most interesting variant of this pluricentric language is definitely Engrish. And it is somewhat a secret language, since you cannot find courses or books for it. It has no semantic or syntactical rules, but relies entirely on intuition and creativity. This miracle language has recently gained popularity in eastern Asia.




Have chinchillas been giving you nightmares lately? If you do not associate chinchillas with cuddly rodents, but orthographic nightmares, chances are high that you are a student of the Russian language. This is the word шиншилла in russian cursive script:



If your hovercraft is still not full of eels yet, try German ( not a foreign language to me, so I might be somewhat biased ) :


Oh, come on, it’s just an elementary word. Read some fiscal laws for some mindblowing experience and you will end up learning Italian which is basically a collection of loosely coupled vowels.

Have fun learning languages!



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